Common Questions

What is my style?

A fun time for one. I can guarantee it will be unlike any other photographic experience you have had. For the first 20 minutes I am trying to get everyone comfortable and relaxed with me. I may take a few shots to test the lighting, but it's about getting comfy with me. The less pressure you feel, the more YOU shine in the results.

What if my kids are "slightly erratic"?

Bring it on! I come from an extensive nanny background. I wil need some control though. The less pressure the child feels to perform or smile on cue, the less genuine the expression. Sometimes I need to just go "play" for a few minutes to get the real kid to shine, so please be ok with that.

In what way is using Leah Brady Photography different than visiting a traditional portrait studio? YOU are my #1 client, not just some regular Joe Shmoe that I'm going to try to sell packages to. If you are looking for traditional, I suggest you go to the mall. It really is about finding someone who will photograph your family, give you devoted 1:1 attention without worry of who is next ‘in line’ or the feeling of a crowded portrait studio.

When should I schedule my session? As soon as you know for certain you are ready. I usually book up during the busy seasons (Fall and Spring) VERY quickly. I would suggest 2 months before your ideal date.

What should we wear for our session?

I do not suggesting you go out and buy new outfits! Save your money for some keepsakes:) It’s best to wear something comfortable. For couples and families: wear colors that compliment each other – you don’t have to match. I've created a Pinterest board just for ideas! MY CLOTHING SUGGESTIONS

What locations are available for sessions?

Anywhere that is legal. I am available to photograph at my studio,( located in Newport, KY, just past Newport on the Levee) if you prefer.

Will I see color and black and white versions of all of my photos?

Yes! There is a right/wrong way to decide if a photo should be processed in black & white, thankfully, I know how! Certain skin tones, hair color, lighting, are great edited in b/w....some are meant to just be left alone. I emphatically believe less is more. I want you to look at your photographs in ten years and feel the same as when you first received them. Trendy, temporary editing styles that seem to flood the amateur market, will not create that same feeling (trust me).

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