Hello Everyone!

I am so excited for the opportunity to give you the experience of a lifetime! . Freezing time is something we all wish we could do. I actually CAN do that for you.  

Although there is no deposit required, we do collect a retainer ($250 for Premiere/$150 for Petite)  which will be applied to your balance due. To save a date, simply  go the "SHOP" link,  there you can view available dates and pay your retainer.

A custom portrait session at Leah Brady Photography is designed to help you do just that… Freeze time. I tell your story as it is right now. Our goal is to present you with treasured images that capture and tell your story as it's unfolding right now. have an absolute blast while doing it! The best compliment I can receive is after the session, with a radiant smile on your face, you say, " WOW! That was fun!"  Of course when you fall in love with the photos, that feels good too:) 

***You can view all of the sessions we offer and pay your retainer right here! SHOP

All products can be viewed here: 2017 PREMIERE CLIENT GUIDE

*The average PREMIERE client spends somewhere between $650-1500 on their custom photography experience. Add-ons include wall galleries we design together, heirloom albums and mounted gift prints for loved ones. 

Please call the studio @ 513.802.5524 so we can start brainstorming your perfect session!

I welcome you with open arms (and camera!)

Leah and Beth, my right-hand gal who will walk you through EVERYTHING

This is why we are different. ENJOY!!!

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